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Rheas of Warwick


Rheas of Warwick are based in a beautiful area of South Warwickshire. The business is owned by Mr Charles Twaddle, and his wife Bernadette, who has many years experience of breeding rare and exotic birds. He retired some  years ago and decided to  add the breeding of  Rheas to his extensive range of birds .

Starting from a few Rheas in 2003 he has become a very sucessful breeder. In 2007 he raised more than 40 Rhea chicks. In addition he breeds  Peafowl, Indian blue, Black shoulder , and White peafowl.He also breedsPheasants,namely Golden,Yellow Golden, Lady Amherst ,Reeves and Swinhoe pheasants. he breeds other exotic birds hatched in his own incubators.

Birds are very healthy and strong having access to a large area of land. Lovingly  hand fed chicks are raised outdoors for hardiness and are quite tame

On the same site is an aviary which is home to more than 100 birds.