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 Chicks are much stronger and healthier if incubated naturally by the male parent.

We use and old concrete garage about 12ft by18ft for this purpose with a floor of concrete slabs. We leave one slab out and form a nest of straw or leaves and place the eggs in it, which we collect over a week or 9 days maximum.

More can be added, maximum 15, over the following 4-5 days and they usually hatch together. when they hatch in about 36 days we replace the concrete slab and the floor must be kept clean from then on as the chicks would pick up and swallow anything they can find with disastrous results.

We allow our chicks to go  on clean grass for not more than 10 minutes, whilst we are cleaning the floor , until 6 weeks old, as otherwise they will eat too much grass which causes impaction.

We place a square of carpet on the floor instead of bedding,  short pile  carpet with no loose ends,it is important the shed is large or the parent might stand on the chicks.

We feed the chicks  ostrich grower from day one in a container about 6" high ,also water in a container not less than 6" high to prevent them from falling in.

The pellets might appear large to you, but the chicks have no problem in picking them up.

Chicken drinker are not suitable, as the chicks lap up the water unlike chickens

Alternatively, an incubator can be used, fan assisted with temperature at 37-38 degrees and the chicks raised under a heat lamp.

We don't incubate eggs which are under half a kilo as the chicks would be too small and weak to survive.

We always feed the parents on ostrich breeder