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 A male can mate with up to five females successfully. if using an incubator temperature should be 36.7. Incubation period is 38 days, if the male is incubating the eggs the maximum number is fifteen eggs, but 12 is better.

It is better to collect the eggs as they are layed and give them to the male all at once, then they will all hatch at the same time.

Females should then be excluded from the nest, but allowed to see the male through a fence or gate to encourage them to continue laying.

When the chicks hatch I keep them in a large box in a shed with a heater bulb for the first week increasing their accomodation periodically.

I feed the chicks on ostrich grower pellets,  and the water, in  ice cream cartons  or similar, raised on bricks so they do not fall into the water.

If the male is rearing them I keep them in a large shed the size of a garage, only allowing them onto grass for 10-15 minutes while I wash the floor out each morning.

Chicks from the first year of laying may not be very strong and may not start to eat.

I encourage them by dropping clover leaves onto their food and water, they love clover leaves.