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 Indian Blue Peacock with full tail sold May 2017


 Black Shoulder Peacock with full tail sold May 2017

 Some of our mature white rhea watching some of their eggs



 We are taking orders now for white rhea chicks, which are due to hatch in a few weeks time, May 2017,  the above are a few of last year's chicks 

scroll down to see some of our chicks in the past few years



February 2017  we have for sale Golden and Lady Amherst Pheasants 2016 and 2015 hatched  SORRY ALL BIRDS ARE SOLD



 Another little beauty July 2015



 Billy with his young family from a few days to a few weeks old 2015


 Snowball and some of his young chicks a few days old July 2015












 Billy with his 3 day old family July 2014


 Billy and his young family August 2013





 Billy with his one day old grey chicks, a few years ago






 September 2012









 Snowball with his first family to hatch and rear 2012



 Billy with his young family 2012



 Gold Pencilled Hamburghs



 Snowball and his first chicks one day old Sept 2011





 Billy and his young family one week old July 2011









 A Boxful of rhea chicks

These strong yearlings are now for sale June 2010

 yearlings in 2009


Billy with his chicks 2008
Billy with his chicks aged 8 weeks 2009